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Weekly Podcast from the Lighthouse Church.

May 22: Walking in Glory

Are we meant to be broken by this world? Is pain and suffering our lot? Ps Ian looks at our inheritance and how Jesus not only desires us to be victors over these things but to actually walk in glory.

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May 15: Walking in the Spirit

What does it mean when a church walks in the Spirit? What would it look like? Ps Ian Allen looks at the a church that moves in the Spirit.

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May 8: Experiencing God Through Creation

Sarah O’Flynn speaks about how we experience God through creation.

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May 1: Remember Your First Love

Pastor Ian shares from Revelation 2: 1-7. Remembering what captured us up in passion for God and regaining that again. Losing your fire for God? Let’s look at returning to our first love.

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April 24th: Your Purpose in Life

From Isaiah 61 Susan Essex shares what the Bible says is your purpose. It may be a bit simpler then you think.

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Apr 17: The Hero Nobody Wanted

Susan Essex continues her series on ‘Heroes’. Here she discusses Rahab, the unlikely hero of faith.

It was by faith that Rahab the prostitute was not destroyed with the people in her city who refused to obey God.

For she had given a friendly welcome to the spies. [Heb 11:31. NLT]

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Apr 10: Let The Little Children Come.

Rick Keuning of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Australia speaks on the necessity of not only bringing children to Christ but also making disciples of them. That they are not the church of tomorrow but are the church now.

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Apr 3: Investing The Talents

Pastor Ian teaches on the Parable of The Talents (Matt 25: 14-30). Emphasising God’s offer and our response.

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Mar 20: What Makes A Hero

Susan Essex speaks about the qualities that make a real hero. Starting with the fact that a real hero is human.

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Mar 13: Gifts. Where To Now?

Ps Ian Allen concludes his series on Spiritual Gifts. This includes a review of what some of the gifts are and the reality that the Giver is more essential then the gifts.

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