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Find fresh hope and God’s Word from Sunday morning’s services. Listen to Katoomba Lighthouse Church sermon podcasts from June 2017.

June 25: The Fullness of The Heart

What is The Language of Faith?

This week Ian Allen looks at the question if , as Jesus said “Out of the heart the mouth speaks”then what is the language of faith? We tend to talk from our worldview so from our speech what is our view?

Included in this weeks teaching was a video from The Bible Project on 1 Corinthians (Follow the link to check it out) showing how the viewpoint of the Corinthian church may not have been in line with how God saw them. The behaviour and outcomes of their lives showed what was in their hearts.

As always, prepare to be challenged and don’t forget to share.

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June 18: Jesus be the Centre

This week Susan Essex points out the church vision that states:

“We are a family church in the heart of the mountains reaching our community and the world with fresh hope and healing.”

Who is? Me?

We are called to love others and that love is a gift –  not a reward. It doesn’t matter if it is deserved, we give anyway. This is the calling on our lives, our mission. Don’t run from your life and the mission. Run to Jesus who has promised to give you all you need for the vision and purpose He has set before you.

Success with God always means that you choose to do things God’s way, not your own way.

So, who’s life is it anyway? Where is your centre?

To view the accompanying Visual click on this link. Where is Your Centre

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June 11: Celebrating Other’s Victories

In this self focused culture how do we respond to the victories and successes of others? When others are preferred before us what does it trigger in us? This week Ian Allen looks at dealing with others successes but even more, learning to celebrate them.

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Jun 4: A Heart of Intention

“And the violent take it by force”

One of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible is the one above. This week Ian Allen points out that the Greek word could also be substituted with the English word “intent”. What is all that needed to happen for you to receive what God had for you and from seeing His Kingdom established through you was simply you deciding it’s what you want and setting your face towards it. Listen and receive this challenging and encouraging sermon and take the challenge.

Go for it.

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