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Find fresh hope and God’s Word from Sunday morning’s services. Listen to Katoomba Lighthouse Church sermon podcasts from 2016.

July 9: New Spaces With God

“You will never do a new thing with God with your eyes looking back on the past.” Ian Allen

So often with God when we are in a place of need we go back to the places, activities or even attitudes where we had the strongest encounters meetings in the past. While there is some benefit to doing there is also a danger of being too focused on the method instead of the person. This week Ian Allen looks at the human tendency to default to the ruts in our spiritual walks and not going to the new thing God is leading us into.

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Dec 18: Human Concerns

Merely Human Concerns.

Drawing from Matthew 16, Ian Allen draws out the question of “What does it mean to have our minds set on human concerns?” By confessing that Jesus was the Christ, Peter was showing his mind was able to pick up what came from God. Yet straight afterwards it seems something shifted and he lost that clarity. What was it that shifted? How do we keep our minds on “the things of God”? Let’s explore this together and don’t forget you can listen via your favourite podcast app and remember to share on your favourite social network.

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Dec 12: Valley of the Dry Bones

This week Ian Allen leads the Lighthouse Church as we look at Ezekiel 37, The Valley of Dry Bones (click the link to follow from Bible Gateway). We discussed what is the purpose of prophecy and what action does that lead us to carry out? Where do we find the courage to speak to the dry bones, “Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!”? Listen and be challenged. Don’t forget to share.

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Nov 27: Peace With God

Susan Essex shares from Romans 5 as it speaks about the ‘Much More’ of God’s blessings. How God gives peace, grace and provision above what we could think or imagine. Listen and share with those who need to know this.

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Nov 20: Love and Unity

This week Andrew Double shares about the misunderstanding of what love is and the call from God to unity and humble service.

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Oct 30: Gen 1-11. The Bible Project

This Week the Lighthouse begins a monthly study of the Bible through The Bible Project. As a result there is no recording from our regular church service. However, You can join us by viewing the video here. Study notes are available through the Bible Project website here.

Enjoy and join us next week for more teaching.

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Oct 23: Re-Alignment

This week Mark Rogan brings a prophetic talk on the times of change and re-adjustment that God is bringing not only to our church but maybe also into your life as well.

See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19. NIV)

The times of change and readjustment come and often we need to choose how we deal with them. When God brings the new into our lives can we leave the baggage and embrace what He is bringing?

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Oct 16: When What You Depend on Fails

What do you do when your brakes fail? When your computer crashes or your phone dies?

What do you do when your ways of doing life and Christianity don’t work the way they used to? This week, Ian Allen looks at what do we do when the foundations of our life fail us. The priorities we have in life no longer go the way we want them to. Listen and see if you can hear God’s challenge to you.

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Oct 9: Intimacy With God (Repost)

This week Lighthouse featured so many personal stories of what God was doing in the community’s lives that no teaching occurred. So here is a previous teaching from Ian Allen on the power and privilege of intimacy with God. Enjoy and come back next week for more from the Lighthouse.

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